Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baking: First Attempt

I would like to preface all of this by saying that I do not have experience baking. I have a feeling most of this will end up being trial and error. Hopefully, though, I will end up making some pretty darn good cakes.

With that said...

My first attempt was making yellow cake cupcakes. FAIL. The above is a picture of Gizmo staring at them.

I know I should have kept the recipe, but I decided to close the window when I saw the outcome. They were hard cupcakes. Like little stones. What I think happened is that I mixed the butter and the sugar incorrectly. I was doing it by hand and and it wasn't fluffy at all. So, I got a mixer!

Also, the first recipe I used to make frosting was a FAIL. Again, the above is a picture of Gizmo staring at them. I had used a recipe that required sugar, water, and eggs on a double broiler. All I ended up with was whipped eggs and some liquid at the bottom (what I can only assume was sugar water with vanilla extract). I don't really like that recipe either.

On to the next!

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