Sunday, August 21, 2011

The French Flag

My friend Beth had a bridal luncheon recently, and I had the honor of making the cake!  She's going to be living in France for a while, so we all thought it would be fun to incorporate something French-ish.  So, I thought, it would be really fun to make each slice look like a French flag!  (Believe me I was happy she wasn't living somewhere like South Korea... where the flag would be a lot harder to put in a cake cross-section.)

What you need:
1. Three boxes of white cake mix
2. Three circle stencils for a 9" round (like in the checkered cake blog)
3. Red and blue coloring
4. White frosting, sprinkles, and gum drops for decoration

First, bake six 9" cake rounds: 2 blue, 2 red, and 2 white.  Then, let them cool off.

Using the circle stencils cut all 6 cake rounds, and put the colors in the order of the French flag (blue on the inside, white in the middle, and red for the outside circle).
This is what it will look like when the circles are all put together.  (You can use the extra cake for cake balls, cake shakes, or another really colorful layered cake!)
Wrap very well and freeze.
Quick tip: To keep the cake circles from falling apart when they are cut into slices, spray the separate pieces on the sides that will touch cake with sugar water before putting the pieces together and freezing.

I wanted to have a cute and simple cake decoration, so, I decided to put gumdrop roses on top.  First, you have to get gumdrops (I used the white ones).

Sprinkle sugar on your rolling surface, then use a rolling pin to flatten the gumdrop.

Cut off the rugged edges (if you desire).

Then roll (and shape some) them into little roses.  Set aside for when you're ready to decorate the cake.
If you use the store bought frosting, you're gonna want to freeze that cake when you're done, just to set it.  It's probably better to use home-made buttercream or stock frosting from your local bake shop.

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